Whole Way House

In May, 2017, the Veterans Memorial Housing society partnered with Whole Way House Society in order to provide supportive housing programs and services for the residents of the Veterans Manor.

Whole Way House Society is a Registered Canadian Charity which was founded in 2013 by Josh, Mary and Jenny Konkin. Whole Way House’s three pillars are:

  1. ReConnect with people by building supportive, healthy and meaningful relationships
  2. ReBuild a sense of community, belonging and purpose by providing opportunities to contribute and receive education and skills training
  3. ReCenter around a meaningful and purposeful life through an integrative housing support system and a healthy support system

It’s vision is to reach vulnerable and marginalized people by creating a safe and welcoming environment where we can build meaningful relationships and a community that instills worth, value and dignity. Whole Way House believes that when a person feels loved and valued, they are able to find purpose in life and be a part of something greater. We offer friendship and support to those who are often lonely, isolated, rejected and forgotten.

Whole Way House provides support staff 7 days per week who are funded through BC Housing.

They provide Community Building Programs and one on one tenant support.

Some of the Programs include: Family Dinners, Birthday Parties, Games, Special Outings and Activities, Super Smoothies and seated exercise classes

O​ne on One Tenant Support includes services like:

  • help with personal affairs such as applying for Old Age Pension or other government documents
  • support with financial budgeting
  • setting and attending medical or other appointments
  • support with room cleanliness and hygiene
  • providing personal and home items such as bedding, dishes and toiletries
  • safe transportation to the bank, grocery store or hospital
  • hospital visits
  • Celebration of Life services

​Whole Way House is honoured to serve marginalized veterans and seniors living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside in partnership with the Veterans Manor.